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How much of a Brony are you?
Wie sehr bist du Brony?

This test will tell you how much of a brony you are. It is not meant to make one brony better than another. Also if you have to give a negative answer to some questions, that doesn't mean that you are supposed to change yourself in order to get more points the next time!

This test was made in a Google Doc by some bronies that found together on Google+. The initial idea came from Andreas Krogh (Executive Motivation Brony). Then there was Daniel Colt (Executive Question Designer), Wilton Rao (Executive Syntax Editor), Steeph Kay (Executive Website Brony) and some others who's names weren't written in the doc.

Season Three Quiz
Created with the kind help from Abraham Mathers and Boromir Scott.

Season Two Quiz
This quiz is made of knowledge questions about season 2. Some questions are really hard. You have to have watched the show really carefully and probably more than just once to score very good here. So don't feel bad if you don't get too much points at the first try. Almost half of the visitors scored below 50% so far.

Season One Quiz
This quiz is made of knowledge questions about season 1. I made it because having a season 2 quiz without having one for season 1 is unacceptable. Be warned: Some questions are really hard. Thanks to R. Haas and Andreas Krogh for helping and reviewing.

Season Three Numbers Quiz
Thanks to Boromir Scott for the corrections.

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These statistics of the "How much of a Brony are you?" test show the results after the test was taken about 12,000 times.

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