About I Am Brony dot com

Yes, I Am Brony dot com is back. After I got "some" emails asking for it I now think it is important enough to put some time into it. I reduced the site to the minimum of features as I don't plan to invest too much time in administrating and developing it. As long as I'm running the site alone, there will be no voting, no image uploading, no commenting, no poll section (actually I brought those back), no gif request platform, no participation features and no new features. What stays is my email address (hint, hint).

What is I Am Brony dot com?

I Am Brony dot com emerged after Andreas Krogh and some others made the "How much of a Brony are you?" test and needed a website where we could publish it. Since I was building the website, it became the place where I put MLP related stuff in general. New more or less useful features have been added, especially the beloved animated GIF collection.

The tests and quizzes

The first test was made after the first season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was aired. All knowledge questions in it can be answered after watching the first season (several times).

We tried to make a second version of it, but couldn't collect enough questions for it to be a new test. So instead we slightly changed the old one according to the feedback we collected over the months. To satisfy those who want more, we created instead a quiz with questions about the second season. The S2 quiz contains only knowledge questions.

If you want to contribute questions for later quizzes (especially a S1 quiz), send me an email.

The GIF collection

If you see a GIF on this site that you made or for that you own the rights and you don't want it to be in this collection (anymore), please let me know and I will remove it. If you want you can also send me a link to more of your GIFs so that I can look through if there are more of yours in the collection and won't add yours in the future.

The GIF collection is no longer maintained. No new GIFs have been added after season 4. See the animated tag at Derpibooru for a more up to date collection.

If you want to share a GIF, please use the Permalink below the image. The URL of the actual file may change in the future.

You can search for GIFs using tags. You will get best results if you use present participle ("dancing", not "dance"). You can make it short by just typing part of the keywords ("pink spea danc" will give you GIFs with a dancing, speaking Pinkie Pie).

What else?

The images on this site, especially the GIFs are hosted by SmartCommunity. I could not provide the GIF collection without this kind sponsoring! If you'd like to help IAB, either by providing bandwidth, completing the image tagging or help with maintaining the site, please let me know.

The IAB logo can be found as a vector here:

If you happen to improve it, please let me know ;).

Site Notice/Impressum
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