Test statistics (How much of a Brony are you?)

These are statistics of the "How much of a Brony are you?" test and were made after it was taken more than 12,000 times.

Average score: 67%    -    Average time: 47 min 48 sec    -    Longest: 5 days 23 hours    -    Fastest: 1 min 12 sec

1. This is how it works. Click the answer you think is right or fits the most. It will become yellow. Then click the Next button beneath the answers. After you have answered all questions you will see the result page that shows your score. You can make a break and come back later if you want. The test will resume at the question you were. But if the break is too long the test will not remember you and will fail. So, let’s see if you got it.

Do you get it?

Yep 86%
Whatever, let's start. 13%
2. You're watching My Little Pony and your parents or friends burst into your room. What do you do?
You turn off your computer/TV and act like nothing happened. 21%
You start a lie about a friend who told you to watch it. 5%
You will tell them what it is if they ask. 41%
Within 5 minutes, you've got them watching it, too. 33%
3. You go to your closet to pick out a shirt for the day. How does your selection look?
Not a pony shirt to be found. You don't want people looking at you weirdly. 34%
You would proudly wear merch if you could find it in your size. 34%
You have a few pony shirts and you wear them proudly. 21%
You stopped wearing anything not pony-related a long time ago. 5%
You made your own clothes because your couldn't find anything in your size. 5%
4. Time to listen to some music. Are you going to listen to music from the show or remixes?
No, I don't like songs about cupcakes and galas. 13%
Yes, but with headphones on so nobody else can hear it. 28%
You, play it proudly. 23%
You, play it loudly and proudly, singing along and knowing all the words by heart. 35%
5. How many people have you turned into Bronies?
None 36%
Showed all of my friends at least one episode. 13%
A few friends. 38%
Almost everyone! All shall be assimilated into the herd! 12%
7. Are you making fanart?
No, drawing ponies is what my niece does. 14%
I tried, but I just can't draw. 36%
I've done some doodles and/or enjoy looking at other fanart. 39%
I've drawn more ponies than Lauren Faust. 10%
8. Do you ever quote the show or talk in a character's voice?
No 16%
Occasionally, when communicating with other Bronies. 23%
Eeyup 61%
9. Do you wish you were a pony?
Of course not, who would want to be a horse? 14%
I’ve thought about it. 43%
I’ve lucid dreamed into Equestria. 43%
10. How did Pinkie Pie know something was going to fall from the sky in "Feeling Pinkie Keen"?
Her knees shook. 9%
Her nose itched. 8%
Her tail twitched. 79%
11. Do you want a cutiemark?
No, that would be silly. 13%
I've thought about what mine might look like. 37%
I would love to have one. 43%
I've got a water tattoo cutie mark! 7%
12. How does Spike send letters to Princess Celestia?
He sends an E-mail. 2%
He has a pigeon for that. 2%
He blows magic fire on it. 93%
He uses telepathic powers. 1%
13. Do you write fan fiction?
No. 48%
I'm trying but I don't know if I'm good at writing. Maybe I will. 24%
I wrote a little something. 18%
It became part of my life. 10%
14. Do you dream of ponies?
I've never remembered a dream about ponies. 29%
I've had at least one. 30%
Sometimes I dream of them. 41%
15. Why was Applejack having so much trouble bucking apples in "Applebuck Season"?
Derpy dropped a piano on her head. 3%
She was working too hard and was sleep-deprived. 92%
She's a silly pony. 3%
16. How important do you think is MLP:FiM for the world?
Not important at all. Just a cartoon, after all. 6%
Children might benefit from it but that's about it. 8%
I think most people could gain a lot from its messages. 53%
It should be mandatory viewing material for everyone. 32%
17. Do you care for your Bronies?
What's a Brony? (Is it a type of brownie? Can I have one?) 4%
Not really, I just watch the show. 14%
Everypony equal, everypony loved! 81%
18. How much time do you spend with pony stuff every day?
Not even every day. 13%
About an hour every day. 16%
A few hours each day, but it doesn't dominate my life. 27%
At least half my day is full of ponies. 25%
All day, every day. 18%
19. What do you eat?
Normal human food like a normal human. 57%
I eat apples more often since I know the show. 25%
Cupcakes! All the time! 18%
20. How many times did you watch the show completely?
Not even completely. 10%
Once 19%
A few times. 36%
I've memorized every episode. 34%
22. Do you have any My Little Pony accesories?
No, I don't waste my money on that. 21%
I have a few figurines and/or accessories. 18%
I would like to get some. But it's not available in my area. 33%
I would get some if they put out better quality stuff. 16%
Do I? My room is filled with pony merch. 11%
23. Have you had any of your stuff ponied up?
No 14%
Not yet... 16%
I think I want to, but I'm afraid someone would laught at it. 9%
Changed my wallpaper on my pc/phone and/or have a MLP Ringtone. 37%
Yes, but not that much. 16%
I've had my car/room/garden/anything done up all in the style of my favorite pony. 9%
24. Who was the developer, executive producer, and creative director of the first season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?
Chris Savino 2%
M. A. Larson 2%
Lauren Faust 92%
Amy Keating Rogers 2%
25. How long was Luna/Nightmare Moon banished to the moon?
She was? 3%
Uhm, 10 years? 100? 2%
It was 1000 years. 92%
One episode. 2%
26. What was the name of the flower that "cursed" the Mane 6 in "Bridle Gossip"?
Roses 2%
Laughodils 10%
Poison-Joke 77%
I don't care what anypony says, I know it was Zecora. 7%
27. What does CMC stand for?
Uhm "I don't Care"? 2%
Cupcake Master Cookers. 4%
Cutiemark crusaders 90%
I don't know. 3%
28. Have you made your own pony?
Why would I do that? 16%
I want, to but I don't know where. 31%
Yes, I have. 52%
29. Do you make fan music?
No. 61%
I've tried, but I'm just not good at it. 26%
I made at least one remix of a song from the series. 6%
I composed fan music for the series. 7%
30. What is the name of Lyra’s friend?
Bon-Bon 71%
Spitfire 8%
Cheery 9%
Picture Perfect 4%
31. What is Bon-Bon’s cutie mark?
Silly question. Her name says it: wrapped up candy. 72%
Flowers 11%
Butterflies 3%
She has none. 7%
32. What is the name of the "evil" pony in the pilot episode?
Nightmare Moon 90%
Luna 5%
Twilight Sparkle 1%
Celestia 1%
33. Do you make fan videos?
No. 60%
I've tried, but I'm not good at this. 21%
I've put something together using clips from the series. 6%
I made at least one video about the series. (Like trailers, mash-ups, …) 5%
I'm making fan videos periodically. 7%
34. Who is the "mane" character of the show?
Twilight Sparkle 92%
Spike 1%
Celestia 2%
Derpy Hooves 3%
35. What color is Dərpy Hooves mane?
Light yellow 71%
#fbfba5 13%
Gray 12%
Green 2%
38. How does your pony folder look like?
I don't have one. 31%
I have a pony folder but it's hidden/password protected/intentionally mislabeled. 8%
My pony folder is where I it can be found and accessed quickly (Desktop, shortcut bar, …) 48%
I don't have a pony folder ... because I have a pony hard drive instead! 13%
39. How many birds is Fluttershy feeding with how many worms at the beginning of "Dragonshy"?
Five birds, four worms 7%
Four birds, three worms 11%
Three birds, three worms 53%
Two birds, three worms 11%
41. What did Twilight Sparkle order at the restaurant in "The Ticket Master"?
Daisy Sandwich 67%
Hay Sandwich 15%
Grass Burger 8%
Carrot Burger 3%
42. How often did Apple Jack land next to the catapult in "Applebuck Season"?
Three times 29%
Four times 29%
Five times 18%
Six times 10%
43. What pinkie sense combo tells Pinkie Pie that the sky is about to be graced with a beautiful rainbow?
Ear-flop, then knee-twitch, then eye-flutter 27%
Eye-flutter, then knee-twitch, then ear-flop 14%
Ear-flop, then eye-flutter, then knee-twitch 20%
Knee-twitch, then ear-flop, then eye-flutter 17%
44. How many fake eyelashes does Rarity usually wear?
Ten 9%
Eighteen 6%
Seven on each eye 21%
Six on each eye 50%

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